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Meelah Talks R&B Divas, 702 Beef, Raising An Autistic Child, And More | BOSSIP

Meelah from R&B Divas: Atlanta, best known as the lead singer of the trio 702, opens up about being discriminated for having dark skin, her interest in the swirl, why female R&B groups are nonexistent, her relationship with the 702 members now, and raising an autistic child.

R&B Divas ATL Meet Meelah and LaTavia

When you see LaTavia and I walking in with Diva Angie to the gratitude tea that was REAL- not staged!!! It was at the moment that the other ladies (KeKe, Syleena and Monifah) were finding out that we were going to be a part of the show.  Prior to that Angie knew but no one else.

I didn’t know what to expect FOR REAL!   Frustration?  Irritation??  Shade?????    But thankfully, it was NONE of that!!! The ladies were definitely surprised but it was a pleasant surprise– it wasn’t a clutching your pearls surprise!  LOL!!!

I just remember saying to myself right before walking in with Angie to remain CALM. COOL & COLLECTED.

It’s funny because that face you see KeKe giving when we walk in is a HAPPY funny face not an annoyed, up-side-down frown!  LOL!!!  Just days before she posted a video of her on Instagram singing at the top of her lungs (in her car)  702’s song “You Don’t Know.”  Later she told me that smile was like ….. WOW… I was just singing her song and I had no idea you were joining the cast!  That’s crazy and really just a sign that it was meant to be!!!!!

For the most part, I had met most of the divas before.  Monifah and I go way back because we were both on the 90s’ performance circuit.  I also met Angie some years ago.  Syleena had just completed an album with Musiq called 9nine and although I hadn’t actually met her,  she was already like family and KeKe had just posted that video on Instagram of her & her crew singing 702 so she WON my heart!!!  Ms. KeKe and THAT voice- OK!!!! Enough said!!! It definitely made me feel special and LaTavia and I have been friends FOREVER!