R&B Divas ATL Meet Meelah and LaTavia

When you see LaTavia and I walking in with Diva Angie to the gratitude tea that was REAL- not staged!!! It was at the moment that the other ladies (KeKe, Syleena and Monifah) were finding out that we were going to be a part of the show.  Prior to that Angie knew but no one else.

I didn’t know what to expect FOR REAL!   Frustration?  Irritation??  Shade?????    But thankfully, it was NONE of that!!! The ladies were definitely surprised but it was a pleasant surprise– it wasn’t a clutching your pearls surprise!  LOL!!!

I just remember saying to myself right before walking in with Angie to remain CALM. COOL & COLLECTED.

It’s funny because that face you see KeKe giving when we walk in is a HAPPY funny face not an annoyed, up-side-down frown!  LOL!!!  Just days before she posted a video of her on Instagram singing at the top of her lungs (in her car)  702’s song “You Don’t Know.”  Later she told me that smile was like ….. WOW… I was just singing her song and I had no idea you were joining the cast!  That’s crazy and really just a sign that it was meant to be!!!!!

For the most part, I had met most of the divas before.  Monifah and I go way back because we were both on the 90s’ performance circuit.  I also met Angie some years ago.  Syleena had just completed an album with Musiq called 9nine and although I hadn’t actually met her,  she was already like family and KeKe had just posted that video on Instagram of her & her crew singing 702 so she WON my heart!!!  Ms. KeKe and THAT voice- OK!!!! Enough said!!! It definitely made me feel special and LaTavia and I have been friends FOREVER!


  1. she is a great artist and is a very colorful person

  2. Possibly the best music video ever created. Katy Perry is one of the most talented of her generation. Absolutely beautiful in every way. Smart, humorous, gorgeous, sexy beyond belief, great voice, writer. She’s got it all and I hope she lives well into the 22nd Century. Keep the hits coming!

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